Surfaces for architecture

Dvne® is a Peraluman aluminum surface, having a peculiar texture, designed for internal and external coverings.
Produced in 3 mm thick sheets of anodized aluminum it is characterised by a particular surface grain obtained mechanically during cutting. It is this very structure – protected by copyright – which is Dvne’s secret, as thanks to this the material is enriched with surprising effects when in contact with light.
The quality and the intensity of the colours and reflections transforms depending on the light density, direction and characteristics, and also based on the angle of observation of the same surface.So Dvne® is a mutable surface, apparently perpetually changing, which makes it ever more luminous, dark, pronounced, lucid, opaque.
The texture also has surprising tactility: the slightly irregular surface gives a sensation of warm, human matter. An aspect constantly changing, in a constant interaction with light and from the point of observation.The chosen aluminum alloy guarantees excellent workability. Dvne® can be cut into any shape, permitting the realization of complex modular compositions, mosaics, patterns, jointed designs, or large scale single surfaces. These characteristics make Dvne® particularly versatile for the covering of decorative, to be walked on, or architectural surfaces.

Bark finish

In the special “Bark” finishing the surface becomes completely irregular and unpredictable. Unique of its kind and without equal in the world of decorative surfaces, Bark gives a natural primordial aspect. Its unrepeatable nature makes it a unique finishing.

The technology technique

Dvne® comes about from an integrated cycle flow which controls every phase of the process: from the choice of the most suitable aluminum alloy to the material’s recyclability, to the cutting of the 14-ton monolithic thread ‘mother’ sheet, to the mass production of the tiles designed for the Su Misura and Architectural collections, up to the oxidization process necessary to protect and attribute the coloured pigments.
A technical process certified in every single phase: striving to guarantee total quality.
The level of robustness and mechanical flexibility also derives from the choice of the type of aluminum. This attention to the technical fundamentals permits not only aesthetic uses but also functional ones.As for example the preparation of support, structure and covering elements. In more articulated configurations (assemblages, bending and calendering) specific functional systems may arise for ambiences which require both aesthetics and practicality: offices, residential, bathrooms, kitchens.

Our aluminum.

Our special Dvne® aluminum alloy belongs to the Peraluman 5000 primary group, whose main alloy element is Magnesium, which gives it excellent pliability and malleability qualities.
The choice of this alloy is fundamentally dictated by the very high level of aluminum purity and for its particular propensity for mechanical folding and bending operations: necessary in order to obtain every kind of top quality product.
It presents great aptitude to be anodized in the various colour shades and finishings.

The chemical-physic configuration, determined by the successive “Homogenisation” process, before cutting into sheets, enables us to obtain a product which is uniform in every molecule, so that the particulars which are subject to anodization, finish up as homogeneous in every detail.
Utilising a very pure primary alloy, the waste obtained during the working process is 100% recyclable. It is thus put back into the productive cycle, thus guaranteeing high levels of sustainability.


Dvne® is a versatile surface for both internal and external use.
From decorative office walls, homes, cultural and hospitality spaces, to external building facades there is no need of the architect or interior decorator to which Dvne is not able to respond.Office flooring

SPA covering

Interior facade cladding

Its resistance to time and water makes Dvne® particularly suitable for external applications, where it can best employ its capacities
of interacting with the ever changing light conditions – both natural and artificial – rendering both unique and unrepeatable the facade’s aesthetic quality.
Versatile, light, easy to fix and rapid in setting, Dvne® is also used in coverings for furnishings.

Shelving wall

Exterior facade cladding