The Rising

For Milan Design Week 2018, DVNE aluminium surfaces transform the Info Point of Brera Design District into an urban landmark:
“The Rising”

The Rising is the installation designed by Francesco Librizzi for DVNE, an “artificial sun” which marks the birth of a new urban square and hands Largo Treves a sidescene and landmark to mark the Info Point of Milan’s most important design district.

An architectural project that transforms a street intersection into a square, creates a pedestrian courtyard and signposts unequivocally the entrance to the Brera Design District.

Developed with innovative surfaces for architectural cladding in DVNE anodised aluminium, The Rising is a “rising sun“, contained in the fine lines of an arcade that frames square and Info Point: giving continuity and unity of style and function to the entire surface.
Francesco Librizzi imagines an inclusive, open space using DVNE aluminium surfaces to produce shimmering chromatic effects, in a constant state of becoming in its relationship with light.
The new Info Point Brera Design District will thus be able to interact with visitors within a safe space that is isolated from traffic, friendly and instantly recognizable.

The space that is generated ties up the levels and functions of the pre-existing context, completing the design of the area – next to which there is a newspaper kiosk – to become the fulcrum of hospitality for the entire neighborhood.
At the same time – thanks to the iconic nature of the architectural feature and the scenographic value of the urban backdrop – The Rising becomes a privileged space for meetings and media events, a sounding board for the beauty and creativity proposed during the Milan Design Week.

The Rising | Info Point Brera Design District
Largo Treves, Milano
April 17 – 22, 2018

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